Yankel Amarante
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Southlake Stage


Southlake Stage

Branding, Print Design, Content Creation


Southlake Stage is a hypothetical theatre based in Forth Worth, Texas. It’s a hub for collaboration and learning that connects individuals from different backgrounds to produce exclusive events. The team will consist of professionals that will serve as mentors for a group of elite college students that will earn their position through merit and scholarship. The students and mentors will handle the following: graphic design, photography, film making, theatre management, advertising, social media/content creation, costume design, and stage design. Events will be exclusive and advertised nation wide and the proceeds of the event are used to fund the stage and the scholars. Public figures will work directly with students and mentors to develop the concept and content of the performance. For the first event by Southlake Stage, Jim Carrey will do a live painting performance followed by a talk about American politics. The theatre values education and knowledge and its goal is to become a pioneer for practicing experiential learning in the United States.

The shapes in the logo mimic exclamation points as a representation of traditional theatre, yet the color palette and typefaces evoke a modern and classy feel. I used circles and lines to allude to the idea of connecting. It’s a visual representation of the theatre and the values it holds as a center learning, collaboration, and entertainment.

2018 — Student Work

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